How To Rent a Car in Haiti

rent a car in Haiti
Do you think of visiting Haiti? Want to rent a car in Haiti for your holiday but have some doubts? Driving in Haiti is not for everyone. While some cities have a tradition of safer than others, traffic on some of the most important cities in Haiti can be somewhat chaotic and rent a car in Haiti may not be a good choice for an inexperienced driver. But no need to worry, here are some tips I suggest to rent a car in Haiti and have a good experience.

How to rent a car in Haiti?

Rent a car in Haiti can be very handy especially to reach those beaches or places where public transportation does not arrive. This way of traveling is comfortable, economical and can be significantly helpful as you can plan your travel itinerary with total freedom.

In the different destinations in Haiti you can rent a car without inconvenience; only need to be 21 year old, possess a driver’s license and a credit card. In most airports in Haiti you will find car rental agencies like Asus Rent-a-car. Renting a car in Haiti is much more comfortable that way because you avoid transfers and save time and money.

You can make advance reservations through the Internet at or by telephone. By accessing the website of the agency you can choose the car and model that is more convenient for you, indicate the days of rent, the place where you will search and leave the car and the fee for the service. If you precise you can also add additional services such as GPS, or child seat.

All car rental agencies that rent cars in Haiti do not provide 24 hours emergencies, at Asus rent-a-car you can have the peace of mind that someone will be there for you in case of an emergency 24/7 . Remember: choose a car rental company that is trusted. You may have to pay a little more but when it comes to comfort and safety you should spare no expense.

Tips for Driving in Haiti

First of all, always respect the rules of the road and when you reach a destination park your car in a safe place. Car theft and armed robberies are less common in the country side, but in the capital some area are still dangerous. Therefore, to prevent theft when you’re in the car, do not forget to close doors and windows well. Generally, traffic lights are not working, avoid driving with your windows down. This way you minimize the risk of the vehicle or your values to be taken by an individual.

Also, beware of motorcycles or motorcycle taxis. I often pass between lanes open when traffic stops, even when driving at normal speed. The problem is particularly acute in cities like Port-au-Prince, where taxi motos make riskier moves with time to take their positions.

Have you had to rent a car in Haiti or another country? Can you share some tips to drive abroad with us?

The best alternative for couples and singles travel in this winter holiday

According to the agencies, the trend this year for singles and couples is the Caribbean. Therefore, they have prepared complete offers for this audience ranging from romantic destinations in Aruba to Jamaica for Singles nights and entire week.

This holiday season there are several alternatives to spend pleasant moments with your partner, romantic places where you can dine well and enjoy a sunset. There are many offers for singles, places with exotic sceneries, provided with various evening panoramas, to meet people and share a drink, both in Haiti and abroad.

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Affordable car rental In Haiti: your trip to exploring the island

Why Should I Get a Car Rental In Haiti?

Traveling the majority of Petion-Ville in a car rental in Haiti will give you the freedom to see all sites. Driving  is the proper way to discover the various regions of Port-au-Prince, mainly because so many attractions are usually not openly accessible via public transport routes.

Acquiring an affordable car rental in Haiti from a company such as Asus Rent-A-Car can certainly make traveling to the popular visitor hot spots hassle-free. Asus Rent-A-Car features a wide variety of high-quality cars. Reserve a dependable automobile, like a small economy car to a big passenger automobiles to meet your distinct driving needs.

Look for an Asus Rent-A-Car location in Port-au-Prince to make your travel that much more satisfying.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Pay More Attention to Haiti

I was surfing the net and stumble upon this great piece from Architecture For Humanity “10 Reasons Why You Should Pay More Attention to Haiti” written By Kate Stohr and Cameron Sinclair, Co-Founders, Architecture for Humanity.

So here it is, ten reasons why we should double down and renew our commitment to Haiti in 2012:

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Traveling On Holiday? Beware Of Expensive Haiti Car Rental Deals!

Traveling on vacation? Be mindful of overpriced Haiti car rental!

Suitcases packed? Check. Airline ticket reserved and passport located? Verify. Car rental taken care of? Almost… Renting a car on Christmas is crucial for a lot of people going abroad. However obtaining a great deal on car rental can be challenging. The price of car rental varies in accordance with the holiday destination, but additionally depending on the offer you have chosen. In the event that you’re renting a car in Georgia, expect the least expensive rates out of all holiday locations. However look out in case you are driving a car rental in Haiti – obtaining a vehicle from Port-au-Prince International Airport was the priciest vacation destination for holiday car rental, as reported by a newly released survey from the Car Rental Association.

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A Haiti Scuba Diving Vacation

Experience the beauty of a Haiti scuba diving vacation

Looking to partake in the warm, clear waters of a Haiti scuba diving vacation? The warm tropical salt waters, year round warm weather and beautiful white sandy shores of Haiti a perfect vacation destination any time of the year for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Vacation HaitiThere are over 30 possible destinations for you to choose from and every one of them has wonderful year round scuba diving available. One of the most popular destination is Iles-a Rat, located of the beaches of Labadie in Cap-Haitian. The main difference between all the choices is if you want to experience the vacation with lots of other tourists or do you prefer to skip out on the tourist attractions and go for more of the local resident feel.
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Start on Your Vacation by getting a Car Rental Haiti Airport

Port-au-Prince has some of the best nightlife, hotels and top class beaches. You can have fun by the beaches of the coast Des Arcadins, or enjoy a beautiful sunny day shopping along with admiring various artworks in the plentiful galleries of Petion-Ville. When you come to Port-au-Prince, enjoy the taste of some Haiti’s favorite mix drink by sipping some cocktails at any of the many local bars or by enjoying the view of Port-au-Prince bay from the mountain top of Furcy. When you land at the airport, the best way to enjoy your Haiti vacation would be to right away get a car rental Haiti airport.

Asus car rental haiti

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What You Have to Know About Car Rental Port au Prince Airport

Car Rental Port au Prince Airport is expending due to the large number of people from the diaspora and international organizations coming in to Haiti. Summer Vacation on the Cote Des Arcadins Have Become Accessible with Only a Short Flight to Port-au-Prince Haiti. Since the beginning of the year 2013 Port-au-Prince Airport connects travelers to all the tourists’ destinations, with flights from all over Haiti.

Three years after the earthquake, the government of Haiti is doing everything to revive the once booming tourist industry. And today all of the tourist destinations are reachable due to all the new roads that are being constructed.
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